Name: Galaxy
Price: 50.00 USD

Price: $50

Rank: Galaxy

Tag: [Galaxy]


➜ 20 extra plots

➜ 20 schematics stored in schematic shop (/schemshop)

➜ Personal weather change (/pweather (sun/rain)

➜ Night vision (/nv)

➜ Download your plot (/plot download)

➜ Use color and format codes on signs! (/colors)

➜ Max fly speed of 4

➜ Name your pets (/pet name)

➜ Personal time change (/ptime (list/reset/day/night)

➜ Edit armor stands!

➜ Unlimited world edit! This will grant you quicker block placement, the ability to make large block modifications and all worldedit commands.

➜ Wear an item as a hat (/hat)

➜ Wear your pets as a hat (/pet hat)

➜ Power tool! (/pt)

➜ Ride your pets (/pet ride)

➜ Your Own World! You can create your own world. It's an infinite superflat world you can build in. You have complete control over the word's parameters and can even download the world using /yow download!

Cosmetics: To be announced!