Name: Nova
Price: 25.00 USD

Price: $25

Rank: Nova

Tag: [Nova]


➜ 10 extra plots

➜ 10 schematics stored in schematic shop (/schemshop)

➜ Personal weather change (/pweather (sun/rain)

➜ Night vision (/nv)

➜ Download your plot (/plot download)

➜ Use color and format codes on signs! (/colors)

➜ Max fly speed of 3

➜ Name your pets (/pet name)

➜ Personal time change (/ptime (list/reset/day/night)

➜ Edit armor stands!

➜ Unlimited world edit! This will grant you quicker block placement, the ability to make large block modifications and all worldedit commands.

➜ Wear an item as a hat (/hat)

➜ Wear your pets as a hat (/pet hat)

Cosmetics: To be announced!